Reviews Slowly Dropping In

I’ve started getting some interesting feedback about my book from the giveaways on goodreads and librarything.

I got one quite bitchy 2 * review on goodreads. I won’t post it here, since I am trying to promote my book (I’m not a complete idiot), but the link is above.

Someone else only gave Oom 3 stars, but the review really cheered me up:

Oom, a smart, kind creature from the planet of Llevro has been sent to Earth for a reason unknown to him. As he waits to find out the reason for his adventure, he befriends Joe. Together, they exchange stories of their home planets while awaiting the meeting that will change Oom forever.

When I started reading OOM, it was a little slow, but it quickly picked up and made me want to read all the time. The story was very original and the unforeseeable twists and turns were enjoyable. For me, all of Joe’s questions and Oom’s answers were the best part.

It is a strange feeling to read the reviews. I guess I didn’t realise how naked one can feel by going through the self-publishing game. All in all I am glad I self-published the book, but with hindsight I would not have put in the time to promote it. I think there is more dignity in going through the usual approach of sending manuscripts off to publishers one at a time, privately!

But I can’t go back now so I’ll just have to take the rough with the smooth.


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3 Responses to “Reviews Slowly Dropping In”

  1. wbentrim Says:

    Oddly enough I think there are some demented souls out there that just post bad reviews for the hell of it. I had one negative review prior to the book release and the person couldn’t have read the book so how could they review it? Don’t2nd guess your decision, you have had the courage to put your thoughts on paper and out to the world. That, in and of itself, is a laudatory action. Pat yourself on the back and recognize that books like shoes are not a one size fits all. I’m sure there are some perfect fits out there as well as people who want to run barefoot. Keep the faith!

  2. Shirley Bullock Says:

    You hit it on the head, a naked feeling. You have put yourself into your characters and it makes you out there for anyone to cut on. Self esteem is something we have to nuture in this line….its a fine line with trying to be realistic also.

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