Marketing Experiment 5: Amazon Discussion

I thought starting a healthy discussion about aliens on Amazon might be a good experiment. See here:

dj webber says:

I don’t believe in UFOs but I do believe in aliens, so if I’m right why have we never seen them?

1) Aliens cannot physically travel to Earth. They must have invented a technology that allows them to explore here undetected, something a bit like Google Earth perhaps?
2) Aliens have a code which states they cannot reveal themselves to us. If you see aliens as just humans-in-the-future, you can understand why. If we had a time machine, it would be irresponsible to go back and interfere with our past wouldn’t it?

David, author of Oom

On every product page on Amazon that has been tagged, some relevant community discussions appear at the bottom of the page. That means that if I could get a good discussion going I would get an indirect link to my book page from all alien related products.
I found some of the replies amusing even if it led to zero book sales 🙂

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