More on Collaborative Stories

Why collab stories? Well one of the features of Novello is the SVN integration, which effectively means I get a backend for free. Subversion is normally used to allow developers to work on the same code. So I thought maybe writers could use it to work on the same texts. Code and text are pretty similar you know. Actually code is just another kind of text.

Collab novels and stories have been tried (and have failed) before, so I’m not jumping around thinking I’ve invented the next big thing, but it is fun to play around with the idea. Even if collab stories don’t work, there is still a lot of value in having your document stored in a safe location and allowing others to edit it. Google docs offer this but I think I could do better than them, because using SVN means that users don’t have to store their life’s work in Google’s cloud, they can decide where to put it.

Perhaps it’s more realistic to say that I can’t really beat Google, but can offer a niche tool especially geared for writers, whereas Google has to try and please all the people all the time.


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