I just planted another seed and started a Ning social network: http://oomlings.ning.com/.

Join now and help shape it! Not sure what it will be yet. Maybe it will just be a chatroom for the family, maybe we could become a group of science enthusiasts discussing how the technology in the book might be made possible for real in the future.

It was childishly simple to set up a Ning social network. Ning was recommended to me by my computer savvy mum a while ago. Ning looks VERY much like facebook with a different CSS stylesheet, but the difference is you can have your own little bubble for you and your friends. I guess Ning hasn’t really taken off like facebook, precisely because its networks are closed. But it’s great software!


2 Responses to “Oomlings!”

  1. Katie Piatt Says:

    That link isn’t working for me – is it right? Was interested in joining your NIng (am currently on chapter 5 of OOM)

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