Amazon Tagging Episode IV: A New Hope

Welcome to an all new list of books to tag on Amazon. The idea here is based on Todd A Fonseca’s book tagging idea.

However, this list will be limited to just 50 books.

The list is currently open for new books to join.

To join, simply post a comment stating your book’s title, author name and the 3 tags that you would like others to add to your book. For the convenience of others you must also post the “permalink” to your book on This is the link to your book that never changes and it will have your 10 digit ISBN number lurking in it. For example, my book, “Oom” ‘s permalink is as follows:

where 1439261873 is my 10 digit ISBN number.

You should also leave some kind of contact information, such as an email address or a link to your blog.

You are welcome to wait until the list is complete before you start doing the actual tagging. I will update this page when the list is complete. It might be a good idea to subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed.

Once the tagging begins people should post a reply comment here when they are done tagging. That way we will know who are the ones not tagging (for whatever reason, maybe they got sick) and they can be removed from the group and replaced by others.

UPDATE – jan 23 2010: adding a summary list of all the books so far to aid tagging:
UPDATE – feb 8 2010: 35 books reached. Sending out reminder mail!

DJ Webber                   [Aliens, Australia, Drought]
Victoria Twead              [Spain,  chickens,  humor]
Elaine Chaika               [sociolinguistics,  linguistics,  communication]
Peggy Williams              [Children’s book,  bird-watching,  nature]
Lisa Lipkind Leibow         [Women’s Fiction,  Multicultural,  Infertility]
Vincent Lowry               [science fiction,  fiction,  childrens books]
Bill Shears                 [science fiction,  humor,  earth orbit]
Jen Knox                    [memoir,  rebellion,  women]
Joe Schatz                  [parenting,  fatherhood,  humor]
David David Katzman         [humor,  satire,  avant garde]
Amber Lehman                [sexuality,  bisexual,  coming of age]
Molly Barrow                [self esteem,  adventure,  funny]
Lori A. Moore               [Christian,  Christian non-fiction,  Faith]
Lance Carbuncle             [Cult Fiction,  Dark Humor,  Humor]
Jennifer Phillips           [biography,  social studies,  journalists]
Dianne Sweeney              [humor,  love,  highly recommended]
Leslie Susskind             [childrens books,  sportsmanship,  parenting]
Libby Schmais               [Young Adult,  Teens,  Humor]
Thomas Hollowell            [morocco,  africa,  human rights]
Peggy Headings              [Adventure,  children illustration,  childrens books]
Lisa Maddock                [animal stories,  pet stories,  guinea pig]
Krista Michelle Breen       [Horses,  Equestrian,  Animal stories]
Larry Ketchersid            [historical fiction,  romance contemporary,  Clint Eastwood]
Marc Wambolt                [poetry, inspirational, emotional ]
Shirley Bullock             [Western, time travel, romance]
William Bentrim             [Dog story,  friendship,  telepathy ]
Gina Collia-Suzuki          [dark humor,  comedy,  murder]
Jason Harvey                [self-help,  inspirational,  success]
Toni Teepell                [coming of age,  family drama,  christian fiction]
Kevis Hendrickson           [kindle,  kindle book,  science fiction]
Cynthia Enuton              [Fantasy,  Dogs,  Childrens book]
Guido Henkel                [horror,  gothic horror,  mystery]
Geraldine Wierzbicki-Roach  [Family Saga,  Historical Romance,  Polish-American Immigrant Experience]
Gregory Mose                [satire,  humor,  kindle book]
Stacy Juba                  [mystery,  literary mystery,  romantic suspense]

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83 Responses to “Amazon Tagging Episode IV: A New Hope”

  1. davew1977 Says:

    “Oom” by DJ Webber.

    tags: aliens, australia, whales

  2. Victoria Twead Says:

    What a good idea, thanks!

    Title: Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools
    Author: Victoria Twead
    UK Link:
    USA Link:
    Suggested tags: Spain, chickens, humour (or humor)


  3. Elaine Chaika Says:

    Language the Social Mirror, 4th ed. by Elaine Chaika.

    tags: sociolinguistics, linguistics, communication

  4. Peggy Williams Says:

    Thanks for another tagging opportunity!

    Title: Friends in the Meadow-Birds

    Author: Peggy Williams


    Suggested tags: Children’s book, bird-watching, nature

  5. Lisa L. Leibow Says:

    I’m looking forward to participating in my first “tag-fest”!

    Title: Double Out and Back
    Author: Lisa Lipkind Leibow

    Suggested tags: Women’s Fiction, Multicultural, Infertility

  6. ccaries Says:

    Sure, count me in. Thanks!

    Title: Constellation Chronicles
    Author: Vincent Lowry

    Suggested tags: science fiction, fiction, childrens books (for this last tag, you might have to type “childrens books” in the field if you cannot check on it)

  7. Bill Shears Says:

    Name of your book: KiTE by Bill Shears

    Tags: science fiction, humor, earth orbit

  8. Jen Knox Says:

    Title: Musical Chairs
    Author: Jen Knox
    Suggested tags: memoir, rebellion, women, psychology, mental illness

    I’m going to tag everyone on the list now, so that there’s less to do later! Thanks for this opportunity!!!

  9. Joe Says:

    Title: Daddy, where’s your vagina? What I learned as a stay-at-home dad
    Author: Joe Schatz
    Tags: parenting, fatherhood, humor, stay at home dad

    My blog:

    I’m with Jen, I am going to get started tagging now.

  10. David David Katzman Says:

    Title: Death by Zamboni
    Author: David David Katzman
    Tags: humor, satire, avant garde


  11. Amber Lehman Says:

    Title: TORN

    Author: Amber Lehman


    Tags: sexuality, bisexual, coming of age

    Thank you all! 🙂

  12. Molly Barrow PhD Says:

    Title: Malia & Teacup Awesome African Adventure
    Author: Molly Barrow

    Tags: self esteem, adventure, funny, dog, family

  13. Lori A. Moore Says:

    Title: From Zero to Christian in Just 35 Years
    Author: Lori A. Moore

    Tags: Christian, Christian non-fiction, Faith, Religion

  14. Jen Knox Says:

    I just added Molly, Amber, Lori, David, and Joe… Just so you know, I’m keeping up. Best! Jen

  15. Lance Carbuncle Says:

    Title: Grundish and Askew
    Author: Lance Carbuncle

    Tags: Cult Fiction, Dark Humor, Humor

  16. Jennifer Phillips Says:

    Title: Elijah Lovejoy’s Fight for Freedom
    Author: Jennifer Phillips

    Tags: biography, social studies, journalists

  17. Jennifer Phillips Says:

    Just to update the group that I have tagged all of the books listed through mine from 12/17. I’ll tag any more that come in later. I was surprised at how easy it was!

  18. Lisa L. Leibow Says:

    I have tagged everyone on the list to date, too. Thanks everyone. I’ll check back for more. Thanks everyone for tagging Double Out and Back!

  19. davew1977 Says:

    I have too. I was hoping we’d get 50 books, but we seem to have stalled. Anyone know how we could attract more books?

  20. David David Katzman Says:

    all tagged.

  21. Dianne Says:

    Title: Kissing Frogs in Cyberspace

    Author: Dianne Sweeney

    (How do I do what you guys did)

    Tags humor, love, highly recommended

  22. Leslie Susskind Says:

    Is there still time/room to add:

    The Kids’ (and parents’, too!) Book of Goodsportsmanship

    Tags: childrens books, sportsmanship, parenting

  23. Dianne Says:

    All tagged. Please return favor =). I love being a tagger.

  24. Libby Schmais Says:

    Book Title: The Pillow Book of Lotus Lowenstein

    Amazon Link:

    Suggested tags: Young Adult, Teens, Humor


  25. Thomas Hollowell Says:

    Hello Everyone:

    Book Title: “Allah’s Garden: A True Story of a Forgotten War in the Sahara Desert of Morocco”

    Tags Requested: morocco, africa, human rights

    Thank You!
    Thomas Hollowell

  26. Libby Schmais Says:

    have tagged everyone on list so far

    thanks for tagging me!

    Amazon Link:

    Suggested tags: Young Adult, Teens, Humor

  27. Leslie Says:

    I have tagged all on the list … whether through here or at Todd’s or on createspace.
    Great selection of books. What talent and imagination.
    Thank you for your tags.

  28. Peggy Williams Says:

    I’m caught up on this site as of this date. I’ll share with my other groups on goodreads & try to get more to tag. Maybe we can get to 50. Happy New Year to you all.
    Thanks for tagging my book, Friends in the Meadow-Birds.


  29. Peggy Headings Says:

    The Adventures of the Muffin Family

    Suggested tags: Adventure, children illustration, childrens books

    Amazon Link:

    Thank you,
    Peggy Headings

  30. Peggy Headings Says:

    Just letting everyone know that I have tagged all books so far.

    Amazon Link:

    Thank you,
    Peggy Headings

  31. Lisa Maddock Says:

    I would be happy to participate!

    I have two books, should I choose only one for this group? Also, how do you get the permlinks to the book on Amazon to look like all of the rest in this group – I’d appreciate that information.

    Lisa Maddock
    Author of “A Tale of Two Guinea Pigs” and “The Bridezilla Who Stole Christmas”

  32. Lisa Maddock Says:

    Book Title: A Tale of Two Guinea Pigs

    Amazon Link:

    Tags: animal stories, pet stories, guinea pig

    Thanks to all!

  33. Krista Michelle Breen Says:

    Book Title: Quicksand – The Mysterious Disappearance of Dakotaroo

    Amazon Link:

    Tags: Horses, Equestrian, Animal stories

    Many Thanks!

  34. Larry Says:

    Software by the Kilo (my newest, just released)

    Amazon US:
    Amazon UK:

    Tags: historical fiction, romance contemporary, Clint Eastwood

    Dusk Before the Dawn
    Amazon US:

    tags: thriller, martial arts fiction, science fiction

    And a tagging I go. Thanks all.

  35. wbentrim Says:

    Super Idea!

    The Adventures of Hardy Belch
    Tags:Dog story, friendship, telepathy

    I Like to Whine
    Tags:whining, parenting, teaching resource

    Daddy Goes On a Trip
    Tags:deployment, family, counseling

    Mommy’s Black Eye
    Tags:domestic violence, family, counseling
    Pick of the Literate at

  36. wbentrim Says:

    I have tagged everyone that is listed here today. 1/9/10.
    This seems like such a great idea.

  37. Marc Wambolt Says:

    Book Title: Poems From The Heart
    Amazon link: Paperback edition

    Amazon link: Kindle edition

    Suggested tags: poetry,inspirational,emotional or any 3 listed

    I appreciate this so much!
    Thank you, Marc Wambolt

  38. Shirley Bullock Says:

    Forever Promised by Shirley Bullock tags Western, time travel and romance

  39. Marc Wambolt Says:

    Hello all,

    I have just tagged everyone on the list. Victoria Tweed, Vincent Lowry, Joe Schatz, Lori Moore, Diane Sweeney, I had tagged you before this list was created. Anyway, you have all been tagged and I appreciate this opportunity to be included with you as fellow authors. Good luck to you all!

    Take care, Marc Wambolt
    author of POEMS FROM THE HEART

  40. Krista Michelle Breen Says:


    Thanks for the opportunity. Honestly I actually cringe when a copy sells on Amazon because I make almost nothing. It does make me just that wee bit more imortal though.

    All my best,


  41. davew1977 Says:

    adding this for William Bentrim

    title: The Adventures of Hardy Belch
    Tags: Dog story, friendship, telepathy

  42. Peggy Williams Says:

    I have tagged up to number 26, William B., Just so you know. I’ll be checking back for new members from time to time.
    Thanks for all your tags.
    Peggy Williams

  43. Gina Collia-Suzuki Says:

    Here’s my submission:

    Title: The Wonderful Demise of Benjamin Arnold Guppy
    Author: Gina Collia-Suzuki
    Tags: dark humor, comedy, murder

    I hope I’m not too late.

    • davew1977 Says:

      No, you’re not too late. Consider yourself added to the list!

    • Thomas Hollowell Says:

      Hi Gina,

      Your books sounds very appealing : )

      Would you like to trade and review each other’s book? I live abroad, but we could send ebooks (PDF Files) to each other. My books is only in print, but I am trying to get the publisher to get it into ebook form. Following our readings, we could then comment/review and if we like the other, perhaps leave a review on Amazon.I will also review yours on

      My book is called “Allah’s Garden: A True Story of a Forgotten War in the Sahara Desert of Morocco”

      It is located at:

      If anyone else is interested in my book (and perhaps I in their book), we could trade and tell each other what we think. This might lead (but is not guaranteed) to lead to a review. We should agree to review any book reviews before they are posted elsewhere. We should only read books and write reviews of books we think we might enjoy. Could this work out on this site? It might prove even more difficult to organize?

      My email is

      Take Care!


  44. Jason Harvey Says:

    Here’s my submission:

    Title: Achieve Anything In Just One Year
    Author: Jason Harvey
    Tags: self-help, inspirational, success

  45. Peggy Williams Says:

    Caught up again to this point. Thanks for you tags.

  46. Toni Teepell Says:

    A Truth Worth Tellin’
    Toni Teepell
    Tags: coming of age, family drama, christian fiction

  47. Toni Teepell Says:

    I’ve tagged 1 – 26 on list. Hopefully, I’m not too late to be added.

  48. Peggy Williams Says:

    Toni, I have already tagged you, probably from another tagging site. Glad to have you here though.

  49. Peggy Williams Says:

    Toni, I went back to Amazon and found that I could tag the others in addition to the first three I had already tagged,(without taking away from your tag count) so now you are tagged completely by me. Do you need more reviews? Your book seems very interesting, if you want to trade reviews with PDF’s, I’d be happy to read & post a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & Goodreads.

  50. wbentrim Says:

    I am up to date on my tagging as of 1/23/10.
    Question, should I not see a quantum jump on my tags by now?
    I only see 3 or 4 more tags than I had prior to getting involved.

  51. Marc Wambolt Says:

    I have tagged Gina Collia-Suzuki, Jason Harvey, and Toni Teepell to update my list. I think that makes 28, not including my book. My book is POEMS FROM THE HEART and my Kindle link is
    The link to my paperback is Please tag one or the other, both if you have time.
    Thanks for your help! Marc

  52. Kevis Hendrickson Says:

    Sorry for posting twice, but I want to make sure that my requested tags are included. Please type the first 2 tags if you don’t see them (“kindle”, “kindle book”. Thanks.

    Here is my submission:

    Title: Rogue Hunter: Quest of the Hunter
    Author: Kevis Hendrickson
    Tags: kindle, kindle book, science fiction

  53. Kevis Hendrickson Says:

    Everyone’s tagged here and at Todd’s site. 1/24/09. Be back soon to tag the new books.

  54. Cynthia Enuton Says:

    Book Title: Angel in a Fur Coat
    Author: Cynthia Enuton
    Tags: Fantasy, Dogs, Childrens book
    Amazon link:


    Thanks 🙂

  55. Marc Wambolt Says:

    Kevis Hendrickson and Cynthia Enuto, I just tagged you both. I am up to date! Marc

  56. Marc Wambolt Says:

    Sorry I left the “n” off of your last name. I should have proof read my message. Marc

  57. Kevis Hendrickson Says:

    Thanks for the tags, Marc. I tagged you (and everyone else) a while back so, you’re good to go. 😉

  58. Guido Henkel Says:

    I’ve tagged all of them. Can I join this list? I have two books that could use tagging

    Demon's Night [gothic horror, horror, mystery:]
    Theater of Vampires [gothic horror, vampire, horror:]

    Thank you so much!

  59. Geraldine Wierzbicki-Roach Says:

    I’m new and think I’m following directions. Thus Bound: The story of Tadziu and Marysza by Geraldine Wierzbicki-Roach has three tags: Family Saga, Historical Romance and Polish-American Immigrant Experience. I don’t know why my ISBN number has more than ten characters but here goes: http://WWW. Amazon.Com/dp9781598588774. I’ve left a post elsewhere on this site also. Please inform me of anything I should be doing besiders tagging. I still am unsure as to whether I should put the entire book info in the other section. Any and all help apppreciated. Gerry

  60. Gregory Mose Says:

    Title: Stunt Road
    Author: Gregory Mose
    Tags: satire, humor, kindle book

    Thanks, now I’m off to start tagging…

  61. Marc Wambolt Says:

    I tagged Guido Henkel (2 books), Geraldine Wierzbicki-Roach, Gregory Mose.

    The links for my book POEMS FROM THE HEART are
    Kindle edition
    Paperback edition

    Please tag the Kindle edition or both if you have time. Thanks!!! Marc

  62. Cynthia Enuton Says:


    I just finished tagging everyone’s book on the list. Please tag mine if you haven’t already.

    Thanks 🙂

  63. Stacy Juba Says:

    Hi, if you’re still accepting authors from the list, I’d love to add my book and participate in the tagging.

    Title: Twenty-Five Years Ago Today
    Author:Stacy Juba
    Amazon link:
    Tags: mystery, literary mystery, romantic suspense

  64. wbentrim Says:

    Tags are updated as of 2/10/2010 in spite of the snow.
    If you haven’t tagged my books yet, please return the favor and tag them.
    The Adventures of Hardy Belch
    Dog story, friendship, telepathy

  65. Stacy Juba Says:

    Thanks for adding me to the list. I’ve just gone through and tagged the first 35 books. When the last batch is posted, I will finish up. It only took about 20 minutes to do the list and I clicked some extra tags while I was on everyone’s pages. I appreciate the tags back whenever you get to them.

    Amazon link:

  66. Marc Wambolt Says:

    Stacy Juba, I just tagged you. I am up-to-date now. Thanks to everybody that tagged me. Good luck to you all. Marc

  67. Michael Rosenbaum Says:

    I think you still have room for at least one more. IF I’m reading it right, here is the info. Please let me know what else you need.

    Saw your note on Goodreads. Yes, please do tag my latest book: Your Name Here Guide to Life, as

    Self help
    Personal growth
    Personal transformation

    Link to the page is :

    Michael Rosenbaum

  68. Marc Wambolt Says:

    Michael Rosenbaum, I just tagged you. Please see Feb. 6 message for tagging information for my book. Thanks, Marc

  69. Marilyn Corliss Says:

    The Message
    Daycare providers chat aboiut the new ME generation of Parents.

  70. Sierra Michaels Says:

    Intimate Encounters
    Sierra Michaels
    tag: Chick Lit, Women’s fiction, Sensual Massage

  71. tikanewman Says:

    The Eyes of Innocence
    by Tika Newman
    tag: psychic, healer, visions

    Tika Newman
    Thistlewood Publishing

  72. Marilyn Corliss Says:

    I just went back and made sure I tagged everyone listed. My book is now available in Kindle. Will you please tag it for me. Thanks, Marilyn

  73. Marc Wambolt Says:

    Marilyn Corliss, I just tagged the paperback and the Kindle edition of your book. I also tagged Sierra Michaels and Tika Newman. Good luck to all of you. Marc

  74. Sierra Michaels Says:

    I just tagged everyone. Please do the same.

    Sierra Michaels

  75. Shirley Bullock Says:

    just finished updating everyone, thanks for your tags. Shirley

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