Book Arrived

More expense yesterday as I had to pay 160 kronor for shipping on receipt of the physical proof! I worked from home so that I would be in when it came, but it didn’t arrive because the UPS driver got lost and couldn’t find our street, which is hilarious. Finally at about 7 in the evening, UPS Customer Service called and said they would send a taxi over with the package. A little while later there was a knock on the door. I sprang up in excitement but when I opened up I was greeted by a teenager selling socks. He probably had never met anyone as disgusted to see him as I was, but I let him finish his pitch and actually bought 9 pairs of socks to get rid of him. If only I had had the books then maybe I could have sold him a copy – it would have been good for his English studies.

Anyway, as he left, the taxi pulled up and the tall, gangly driver handed me the first ever copy of Oom.  Booksurge has done a good job. The cover seems a bit shinier than on a “real” book, and the pages don’t quite have the same feel as other paperpacks, but on the whole I am happy.


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