Ad Campaign – Help Wanted

As previously mentioned I am going to gamble all proceeds from the book on advertising to try and produce more sales. Obviously this will require an initial investment but thanks to the wonder of modern advertising mediums you can really keep the costs down.

I am going for a two pronged campaign. I am going to try both Google and Facebook and see which produces better results. Both have similar pricing models where you can either pay per click (expensive) or per 1000 page impressions (cheaper). You have to try and figure out which scheme is more cost effective for your product and that will take time. The key figure I need to figure out is this: how many of the people who click on the ad will buy the book. Once I have a reasonable metric for this I will know whether to pay per click or per 1000 impressions from that point on.

Now I have seen from other book touting authors that google ads and facebook ads don’t work. Someone wrote that a potential customer needs to see your book’s cover at least 7 times before actually buying it. They are probably right, but I am going to try this anyway. Two reasons I think it’s worth a shot are:

  • Oom is a very short title, and it kind of an interesting word in itself. It sounds nice.
  • Christmas is coming. People buy 10 times more books at Christmas than at any other time of the year – except for the summer holidays when people buy lots of books that they think they’re gonna read on the beach.


With Google you sponsor certain words that people search on. The price depends on the demand for that word or phrase from other advertisers. For example “Christmas gifts” is expensive, “zippadeedooda” is cheap. Please let me know if you have any ideas for words I could sponsor.

Here is what my ad might look like:

Any comments or better ideas?


With Facebook you can target by demographic and you can use a thumbnail image in your ad. I guess I would target married women (women buy far more books than men!).

Here is what the facebook ad might look like:

Well, it’s nearly time because I am going to pick up the hardcopy proof tomorrow from UPS. If Booksurge hasn’t screwed it up it’ll be on sale tomorrow, and then on Amazon next week…


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5 Responses to “Ad Campaign – Help Wanted”

  1. Joyce Says:

    How about ‘Make room for Oom’?

  2. Joyce Says:

    Google suggestions: outback; banksia; fiction; philosophy

  3. Ceri Says:

    I would imagine that when it comes to books, there’s no substitute for getting positive reviews published online. Amazon and similar retail sites being the obvious choice, but also getting bloggers and websites to review your book.

    It’s a slightly risky strategy, as you can’t force them to give you a positive review! And they may expect something in return – most likely a freebie copy of the book.

    • davew1977 Says:

      Good idea. And if I get bad reviews I’ll know not to spend another penny on the ad campaign – it don’t make sense to flog a dead horse! And if you get bad reviews on Amazon of all places then you know your book’s tosh.

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