Big Launch Approaching

Oom is in the final stages of Booksurge’s process. Here is what it looks like in my Booksurge account:


If I were to click the “approve physical proof” button then the book will be available on Amazon within a week. It is very tempting, but I have not actually seen the physical proof yet because it is being physically sent over from the US right now. If I approve the proof without checking it then I could end up selling faulty copies of the book. It’s frustrating though because I would really like to launch my ad campaign in time for the Christmas rush, when panicking fathers doing their last-minute shopping will buy just about anything for their poor kids. Not that this book isn’t a great product 🙂 !


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One Response to “Big Launch Approaching”

  1. giftedgirl94 Says:

    So I haven’t read all your posts, but what is your book about? Fiction or nonfiction? I am also a writer, although I haven’t been on to update in a while.

    Good luck with your book! I hope you make it big.

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