BookSurge/CreateSpace Pricing

My Booksurge account manager Brooke Holcombe got back to me promptly and apparently I will get quite a lot of control of the book’s price. Here is the CreateSpace “royalty calculator” where you can see a breakdown of all the figures.

Here are the calculations for my 176 page book selling at $12. I will be on the “pro-plan” coz I have already paid through the nose at BookSurge

Standard Plan Pro Plan
E-Store Sale Sale E-Store Sale Sale
List Price $12,00 $12,00 $12,00 $12,00
Our Share $7,42 $9,82 $5,36 $7,76
Your Royalty $4,58 $2,18 $6,64 $4,24
Setup Fee* $0,00 $0,00 $39,00 $39,00
Other Fees $0,00 $0,00 $0,00 $0,00

It’s quite a good deal really. If I manage to sell a copy on Amazon I get $4.24 and if I sell in the CreateSpace shop I get $6.64. Of course it is a big “if”, but the good news is that if I make $6.64 on one book then I can spend that much money on selling another book (assuming money spent on marketing is tax deductable). It is well worth gambling all the earnings on each book because if I can reach a critical mass of readers then it will spread on its own – but only if the book is good enough!! It really will be sink or swim! And I will have a true objective measure of the book’s quality (in terms of entertainment value not literary value)

This is exciting shit!


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3 Responses to “BookSurge/CreateSpace Pricing”

  1. Ms Pedantic Says:

    Critical not criticle xx

  2. davew1977 Says:

    what do you mean? It says “critical”! 🙂

  3. Ms Flabbergasted Says:

    well, so it does … lorks-a-mercy

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