Booksurge Price War

As I suspected Booksurge defaults to a high list price for the books it publishes. Obviously this fits their business model of publishing thousands of titles that sell tens of copies each to close family and buddies. However, if I am going to invest all this time in marketing, $15 (£9) is too much. Even if Roald Dahl rose from the grave and wrote a new book, $15 would still be too much to pay for a kid’s paperback.

I am going to try and beat them down to $12. I’ll let you know how it goes.



2 Responses to “Booksurge Price War”

  1. Elaine Chaika Says:

    I am publishing a book with Booksurge now, and they told me that I would set the sales price of my book. I signed with them last August. Did they used to have a different policy or have they changed that policy? The problem with pricing too low is that even with their generous royalties, you’d have to sell an awful lot of books just to make back your initial investment. I’m going to price mine according to the prices of new novels I see on Amazon.

    Have you tried to get local bookstores to carry your book for Christmas?

    • davew1977 Says:

      it’s a good idea, but I live in Sweden and the books are printed in USA so it’s difficult to market the books locally because of the shipping costs. I am hoping that booksurge/createspace will start shipping from Europe as well soon.

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