Guardian Unlimited Updated

I scored my first big hit with a Guardian comment, see here. This is the story of poor old Gordon Brown’s bad handwriting and spelling in a letter to the bereaved mother of a British soldier killed in Afghanistan. I admit my vulturous glee at my comment’s success is vulgar, but in my defence I did genuinely feel what I said 🙂

But this is an interesting tactic for advertising.  I wonder if it will have any effect at all. The old joke in the advertising industry – that half the money spent on advertising is wasted, but no one knows which half – comes to mind.

The comment got 164 recommendations – when people read and like a comment they can click on the “recommend” button next to it. It’s a bit like saying “hear hear!”. Of course there will be more people who read the comment, liked it and did not click “recommend”. More still who read the comment and were ambivalent to it or disagreed with it. And even more who didn’t read it but did see the book cover logo. I estimate that I got several thousand page impressions of the logo for free!

On the other hand 1000 page impressions on Google Ads or Facebook Ads is almost free, but I’ll come back to those another day…


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