Marketing Experiment 3: Deed Poll

Ok, so I am starting to discover how hard this marketing game is. What I have done so far is what one million other CreateSpace authors have already done. It’s time to bring out the big guns. If I am really committed to my book I have to prove it.

I have been looking at the UK deed poll service website and it seems it is possible, for the modest sum of £200, to legally change my name to “Oom”. Not David John Oom. Just Oom. That way whenever I introduce myself to a new person I get to plug the book at the same time. Next time I meet one of the folks from our Vienese office it might go like this:

“Hi there. I’m Franz, ” he would say, “Franz Bauer. Pleased to meet you”.

“Hi Franz.  I’m Oom.”

Then there would be a short pause while he’s waiting for me to say my surname followed by a longer pause while he collects himself after this strange happening. He won’t forget the name, and later on, when he’s browsing on Amazon and sees the book he will be drawn to it not really knowing why.

Hopefully my name-change will be in full legal effect by the time the book is available to buy.


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3 Responses to “Marketing Experiment 3: Deed Poll”

  1. Joyce Says:

    no, no, this is not a good idea and also a waste of money

  2. RustyHammond Says:

    Bad idea. You’d have to meet a lot of people to sell your books, and you live in one of the least densely populated countries in Europe

  3. Lucy Says:

    In the UK it is perfectly legal to write your own deed poll for the modest sum of £FREE and have it be perfectly legal. Unfortunately, I do believe that there seems to be a restriction in that you have to have both a forename and a surname.

    UKDPS is the most popular provider of deed polls. But they are also one of the most expensive.

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