Marketing Experiment 2: Guardian Unlimited

This is similar to the Spogg idea in that I register with the Oom logo as my avatar. Every time I leave a comment on a news story I get the book cover thumbnail in people’s browsers.

Here was my first attempt at an acerbic comment:

If I pick the articles that have just been published I can get my comment near the top.

The main difference from the Spogg concept is that my persona at GU is a real person who is very concerned about the issues of the day. I want to try and make comments that my book’s target audience may find appealing. I.e. I need to try and sum up what everyone is thinking without sounding too unoriginal. What fun!



3 Responses to “Marketing Experiment 2: Guardian Unlimited”

  1. RustyHammond Says:

    The synopsis alludes to a story being centred around the highly topical and emotive subject of drought in Australia. Without reading the story, if there is a sub-text around the Earth’s diminishing resources, then why not take the Al Gore route and “trade-in” on environmental concerns around peak oil, climate change, etc. Movements such as “Transition Towns” have done this to great effect, mobilising individuals (to quote Ghandi) “to be the change they wish to see” in the world (See:
    That’s a whole market in itself, (including myself) enviro-geeks and concerned parents that feel the imerative to pass the message on to their kids.
    Of course I haven’t read the story so might be giving duff advice, but one thing’s for sure, you should be posting on .au sites as well.

    Also, I know the owners of an independent bookshop in Melbourne, and could probably get them to help promote it?

  2. RustyHammond Says:

    Oom is now on Wikipedia:

  3. Spyware Removal Says:

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