Marketing Experiment 1: Operation Spogg

I work for an online gaming company called bwin. Here in Stockholm we develop the site’s poker software. I have been there for 6 years. Just after I started a couple of guys quit to start their own social networking and gaming site called It is a brilliant site. They have succeeded in creating a really nice and friendly community. It is similar to facebook in terms of features but you can actually get to know new people there through game playing and chat. I hope I don’t ruin it.

One of their features that they have had from day one is that you can upload an image to represent you around the site. On the homepage they publish the images of the last eight users who logged in. Additionally, as a user you have a homepage that you have significant control over. The brilliant part is that a list of links to users that have looked at your profile is visible on the right – so it is really easy to browse other users, and you leave a trail of links behind you linking back to your own profile.

Here I am having just logged in (top-right):


The obvious benefit is that I get hundreds of page impressions for what is now my company logo – the cover of the book. However,  no one knows it is a logo yet.

The really interesting aspect though is that (if I invest enough time) I can go in and actually interact with potential customers on that site. In case you’re wondering “Spogg” is a (hopefully) fictional planet populated by Spogglings. It is a perfect fit for what I am selling. The user I have created on Spogg is of course called “Oom”. When I interact with others I will be in-character – playing Oom.

I’ve no idea if it will work or not!


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