The Proofreading Stage

Just when you think you’re done with the book comes the proofreading stage. Of course the traditional publisher will do this for you, but they are buying your book and they want to make sure it fits their brand, so they’re gonna edit it how they want. For Booksurge, on the other hand, proofreading and editing are “extras” that you pay for. If you do it yourself you get to fix 20 errors for free, any more and they start rinsing you for more money. I foolishly thought 20 errors was plenty – I have read every part of my book a hundred times and put it through spell and grammar checks. But now I have sent it to my mum and sister for proofreading and they are spotting dozens of errors that I just cannot believe I missed.

Not getting it properly proofread before submitting it to Booksurge was my biggest mistake so far. I will probably have about 40 errors I need fixing – and the book is only 45,000 words long. My mum has generously offered to pay for the extra 20 errors as a Christmas present! That will set her back $100. That’s $100 that could have been spent on marketting instead. FYI here is what booksurge charge for errors in the book’s interior:

1 – 20 Free (First round of full interior digital proofing, first time only) / 2nd proof $75.00
21 – 40 $100
41 – 60 $125
61 – 80 $150
81 – 100 $175
101 + Resubmission Fees apply / fees start at $199

As my mum says, it’s going to look very unprofessional if you leave too many errors in. The worst ones are where I have simply left a word out.  But they’re not going to look as bad as where I got “to” and “too” mixed up.



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