The Product

My product is a book called Oom. This is the blurb I am putting on the back:

Joe lives on a farm in Australia where months of drought are taking their toll on the sheep and his weary parents. Oom, an alien, knows how to help them but there are so many reasons why he shouldn’t.

Here is the cover:


My target audience are readers of ten years plus. Probably the most difficult part of writing the book was keeping the tone at a level that kids could understand and enjoy.  I have no idea yet if I have succeeded in this, but I eagerly await the reaction by my ten-year old nephew. If he even gets to the final page then I’ll be happy. When I was ten I was easily bored by reading books. I only managed about 2 pages of Lord of the Rings before I started drawing little pictures in the corners of the pages and to make a flickbook.

My favourite author was Roald Dahl. The only book of his that ever caused my mind to wander was Danny The Champion of the World, and the short “A Piece of Cake” from The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More. “A Piece of Cake” was his first ever attempt at writing and one of the only non-fiction pieces he did. I read it recently and enjoyed it. It simply wasn’t aimed at children.

I hope that adults would also enjoy my book (yes because I want to make more money). It has themes that adults (like myself) are interested in so maybe they will. So I need to somehow market the book both to adults and children, although it is probably only the adults that would buy it. When was the last time a kid spent their pocket-money on a book? I’m sure that some do but I never did. I was always disappointed when I got books as presents when I was ten. It felt like homework. Like most kids I was lazy, but it takes effort to get the most out of a book.

Next time I’m going to write about POD publishing.


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One Response to “The Product”

  1. Ceri Says:

    Wow, congratulations Dave, very impressive! I haven’t read it of course, so no idea if your book is any good (I’m sure it is), but just writing the thing is one hell of an achievement. I look forward to getting hold of a copy.

    Hope life in Sweden is treating you well,

    All the best,


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